FINDAR Components

The following components are included with every FINDAR system.


FINDAR Image View

Data screen images can be captured and transfered from the compact flash card to a PC and displayed using the FINDAR ImageView software.

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Transport Case

The Transport Case allows for safe movement of equiptment between scenes.  The durable, hard shell, tough wheels, and clasps will ensure your equipment reaches it's destination in good condition.

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9Ah,  3.9 kg, (8.6 lb),
12V gel cell battery

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Battery chargers accept 110 - 240 V for use all over the world.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Values
Dynamic Depth Ranges Collects data to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) and displays from 1 to 2.5 m (3 to 8.2 ft)
Temperature Sensor: -400 C + 500 C
Display: -100 C + 500 C
Battery Life 4 - 6 hours depending on working regime
Battery Capacity 9 Ah
Height 115 cm (45.3 in)
Width 55 cm (21.6 in)
Length 100 cm (39.4 in)
Weight 22kg (48 lb)
Power 1.25 A @ 12 V
Image Storage up to 16 GB, or >10,000 images

Regulatory Specifications 

Complies with UWB standards

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