GPR Investigations
GPR is a powerful forensics tool for identifying precisely the areas that require further investigations.

GPR responds to changes in soil conditions induced by excavation, detects buried caches of money, drugs, weapons, and similar items, and can even detect buried bodies either directly or from disturbed soil conditions.

In the hands of a skilled user, complex site conditions can be unraveled and manual excavation for evidence can be minimized.

Major police forces, such as the FBI, Ontario Provincial Police, Metro Toronto Police, and York Regional Police use Sensors & Software GPR systems. Unfortunately, our customers are seldom able to tell us much about their investigations. In most instances, results are critical evidence for trials and cannot be released to the public.

Despite the limited information, our law enforcement clientele constantly cite the benefits of GPR.

Our application specialists are regularly working with forensics and law enforcement groups to provide support and training in the effective use of GPRI

Urban Investigations
Rural Investigations
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